Shrewsbury Marble and Granite INC have been in the marble/granite business for over 30 years. From dealing in stones like marble, granite, quartz to fabrication and installation – the best marble store Shrewsbury has it all!

Vanity Design Shrewsbury offers breathtakingly beautiful designs for home interiors like bathroom cabinets, dressing tables, kitchen countertops, and a fireplace. Prioritizing customer value and satisfaction, it aims to offer the best construction experience to its clients. They also give importance to after-sale services, making sure that all customer queries and feedbacks are duly considered.

People are greatly passionate about their home interiors. After intense input on exploring innumerable options and finally deciding the ideal design for themselves, they put a lot of effort into keeping its beauty intact. However, with so many different materials at hand, and a bulk of information on the web, it’s quite confusing how to go about the maintenance.

Following are a few recommendations from the professionals of Shrewsbury Marble and Granite INC about how to clean stones like marble, granite, and quartz.


Marble is the top choice of customers when it comes to kitchen countertops and bathroom designs. A beautiful stone of elegance and sophistication, it adds a classy look to the interiors. However, it is also delicate in some sense. Due to its porous characteristics, it gets easily stained by acidic substances. These include common kitchen substances like milk, lemon or tomato juice, etc. One slash can leave a witness able scar. The only solution is immediate action. The moment such a spill takes place, wipe it off!

Many are unaware of the fact that certain substances can be harsh on marble. Vinegar, bleach, or special chemical cleaners should not be used in cleaning as it leaves the stone dull and damaged. Even mild soap and warm water would be enough. Instead of hard cloths or pads, a sponge should be used. This is enough to remove any stain. However, for etching one can use marble polishing powder.


Just like marble, granite and quartz can be harmed by substances like vinegar, chemical cleaners, acidic liquids, or abrasive scrubbing. These are less porous as compared to marble and therefore are less prone to routine stains. However, immediate cleaning remains the best advice. One can also consider using special granite or quartz cleaners. Though they aren’t necessary but can be a good option to remove a hard stain. Mild soap and hot water would also work fine. After cleaning, one should not forget to use a microfiber cloth to dry the surface as otherwise; it would result in water spots. These are highly visible on granite, thereby degrading its impressive look.

Keeping the above recommendations in mind, one can easily maintain and clean their stone surfaces. For more insights on construction and renovation, Vanity Design Shrewsbury Ma is a source of affordable, luxurious, and long-lasting interior designing options made available at their store. Exceeding all customer expectations, they ensure nothing less than perfection.

Visit Shrewsbury Marble and Granite INC for an out-and-out interior designing experience!

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