The life of a senior can get complicated as they continue to age. For many, their dependence on others for day-to-day activities increases as they age. While it’s very natural to seek help to perform daily tasks at an older age, family and friends may not be the best at everything. Also, depending on economic and professional conditions, family members may not always be available to help. This is where the role of senior care homes comes into play. Senior living and memory care Gainesville homes are best to support loved ones at the later age of their life. While these facilities are easily available to take care of seniors, the bigger question is how to determine that your senior family members need this help. Here are 3 questions that will facilitate the process of getting an answer:

 Does your loved one need constant help with daily activities?

Daily life activities such as bathing, dressing up and mobility are frequent pain points for many seniors. As per a 2017 CDC survey at least about 9% of adults between 75 to 84 years needed assistance in these activities. Another major concern is medication management. Many seniors make errors in medication management which could eventually cause a major problem. When you move a senior to a senior care home, these issues are taken care of. If these are major concerns, then it’s time to get your loved one assistance at a senior care home. There are professional teams constantly helping them in daily tasks, medical monitoring, etc.

 Are they lacking socialization

After a certain age, it’s difficult to move out of your home to meet people and socialize constantly. This however can lead to a very isolated life which could lead to mental health issues. If socialization is missing from your loved one’s life, then a Senior Recreation Center Gainesville facility could be helpful. Not only do they have professional caretakers but also programmed recreational activities that will help your loved ones interact and engage with peers and get the fun and activity back in their life.

 Does your senior loved one have low access to proper nutrition?

As they age, seniors naturally lose the energy to go out and carry out activities like grocery shopping. Cooking is another activity that is a major challenge for most as they age. This lack of motivation or challenge can lead to serious nutritional issues. When nutrition becomes a problem, shifting your loved one to a senior care home could be a good option. These centers provide round-the-clock nutritional meals that make sure the seniors get the nutrition they require to continue living a healthy and active life even in their later years.

 Can you give them all your time?

One of the most important questions to ask yourself is can you give them all the time required for them to live their lives hassle-free. This implies taking care of them round the clock and making sure they are assisted in all daily activities. If taking care of your senior family member is turning out to be more challenging than you thought and is taking away more time and energy than you planned on, it best to move them to a Senior living Gainesville GA home.

While this is a small list of questions, they are some important aspects of living a healthy life that should be an indicator to you that your senior family member now needs professional help. Beehive memory care center is one such facility that makes sure your senior family member is taken care of round the clock. Visit their website to learn more.

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