The summer season is great to rejuvenate and relax especially after a long and stressful period of dealing with COVID-19 peaks. This new season is great fun and is also bound to change our schedules. It is sure to increase outdoor time for your kids and the fun and traveling don’t stop. However, this does not mean we let them put down their guards to keep their oral health in check. The summers are in fact the perfect time to be double careful about oral habits. Here are a few tips by Gardner dental care experts to help you and your child maintain your oral health while enjoying the downtime.


  1. Maintain your routine:

    The summers are bound to change the way things happen during the day. But with the daily routine changing, it’s imperative to keep your child’s oral routine on track. You can make fun tracking charts or give your child rewards to make sure they are constantly brushing and flossing. This will ensure that they don’t compromise on their oral hygiene. In case you do notice problems already arising, visit a Dental Implants Gardner MA specialist at the earliest to ensure your child gets proper treatment.

  2. Avoid sugary snacks and drinks:

    Whether it’s a pool party or a day out at the beach, kids are often tempted to grab easy snacks like chips, crackers, and cookies. While these may be easy and save time they have a lot of added sugar which can deteriorate the teeth and cause cavities over time. Instead of these snacks, fruits and nuts could be great substitutes. In terms of beverages too, water is the best option. Juices and sports drinks too have a lot of added sugar that would love to stick to your child’s teeth all day and decay their teeth enamel. Plus, when your kids are running around, water is the best way to replenish their body fluids.

  3. Get a mouthguard:

    If your kids are active in sports during the summers, buying a mouthguard would be a good idea. Sports injuries often lead to broken or chipped front teeth, fractured roots, and even cut lips. To avoid any of these, especially in contact sports, it’s best to buy and encourage them to use a mouthguard while playing. If they do suffer a chipped tooth or likewise you should definitely reach out to a dental crowns Gardner specialist to get immediate attention.

  4. Back-to-school appointments: After a great summer outdoors, it is necessary to schedule a back-to-school appointment with your dentist. The sooner this happens, the better it is to for your child. Summers can often get busy for dentists so its best to plan this in advance. This routine checkup will allow you to get any treatment and make sure all the fun during summers does not hamper your child’s oral hygiene.


If you are looking for a dentist to get this appointment scheduled, get in touch with the General dentistry Gardner experts at Lavana Family Dental. These experts help you with everything from routine checks to implants and crowns.

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