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Search Engine Optimization is known to be the technique used in ranking a website high in search engine result pages. It ranks a website in top positions automatically generating organic traffic. SEO is an organic way to receive traffic to a website. But there are few techniques that one must understand when hiring an SEO expert USA, White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO!


White Hat SEO is the ethical way of doing the SEO. It follows all the guidelines provided by Google without violating any law. It is always important to work under the guidelines of Google Webmaster to increase online rankings and visibility. If you hire a good SEO agency USA, he will always maintain the integrity of your website without violating any law.

Let’s look at some of the techniques used in White Hat SEO-

  • Quality Content– It is the most important component of SEO. The content should always be created keeping reader in mind. If the content is user or reader friendly, then it will receive more traffic.
  • Relevant Keywords– Proper keyword research is supposed to be done and relevant keywords should be used in the content. This helps user to find your website easily.
  • Appropriate page titles and meta tags– Appropriate page titles and meta description containing relevant keywords are also important.
  • User friendly website design with easy navigation– This helps users to navigate easily through the website, therefore decreasing the bounce rate.
  • Authoritative inbound links– Link building is crucial for SEO. Even though it takes time and hard work but, in the end, it improves the site ranking and traffic.
  • Fast Site Speed– It is indeed important. If your website takes time to load, user will leave thus increasing the bounce rate.


Black Hat SEO is the opposite of White Hat SEO. It involves the unethical ways by violating the guidelines provided by Google. It uses manipulative tactics to improve the rankings in no time but it is short-lived. The best SEO agency USA will never use the black hat SEO for your website just to get results soon.

Some techniques used in Black Hat SEO-

  • Keyword Stuffing– This involves unnecessary stuffing of keywords in the content. It does not work anymore because the Google algorithms have evolved.
  • Meta Keyword Stuffing– Unnecessary stuffing of keywords in page title, meta description or backlink anchor text. It can turn away search engine crawlers.
  • Bad Content– Publishing copied content is followed by many. It was helpful earlier but now Google recognizes duplicate content that eventually impacts your rankings.
  • Link Farming– Link farming is used to increase the links to a website. It increases Page Rank. But it is considered as spam because it artificially boosts rankings by linking a website to low quality websites.

Our SEO expert USA always uses “White Hat SEO” by maintaining the integrity of your website. The use of Black Hat SEO is illegal, short-lived and it may lead the website to get penalized by Google.

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