Roofs are essential objects that are necessary for our and the building’s safety. However, these are extremely complex to understand and even more complex to build and maintain. The biggest challenge in roofing comes from roof penetrations i.e. objects that are fixed through the roof, like skylights and HVAC units. These need to be fixed into the roof and hence are easy grounds for water seepage. Especially during the rains and snow events, water can seep in through these fittings and plague the insides of the building.

More than facilitating leakages, these penetrations block the drainage of water and hence cause water ponding around them. This pool of water can lead to premature breakdowns in the roof membrane, mold growth, and even insect infestation. While pooled water cannot just be managed by diverting the water flow, reinforced material can be of great help. The choice of roofing material can hence play a crucial role. Here are a few things to keep in mind to choose the right roofing material in consultation with a Marlborough Roofing Service.

  1. Membrane thickness: The thickness of the roof membrane plays a key role in resolving the issue of leakages due to water pooling. The polymer of the membrane eventually deteriorates when exposed to various elements and it is faster due to pooled water. A thicker membrane implies more time taken in the deterioration process and hence a longer expected life of the roof.
  2. Color: This may seem to be very trivial but is critical to resolving the problem. Choosing roof colors that can retain the heat will help the ponding water evaporate quickly and cause little damage to the roof. White roofs hence aren’t the best choice to resolve this issue. Even during the warmer climates, spot coloring the ponding areas gray could help in easy evaporation.
  3. Reinforcements: Wherever possible it is a good idea to double back the roof membrane with polyester. It not only enhances the durability of the membrane but also reduces the ability of water to penetrate through the roof. Marlborough Roofing experts suggest this reinforcement to provide double protection to all the measures in place.
  4. The gravity of materials: When you use a material that is heavier than water, it will be easily able to shed water away. For ponding areas, materials that have high specific gravity, low porosity, and superior adhesion combined with high tensile reinforcements make a great fit. These ensure that water never seeps through your roof again.
  5. Timing: If it is possible to field fabricate the roof during restoration it’s a good time to take a look at the ponding areas. When the roofing is done take a look at the ponding sites and take immediate action to ensure that the problem is addressed professionally and immediately.

These critical factors ensure that you never have to deal with major damage because of water leakage caused by pooling on your rooftop. If you’re looking for the best Worcester Roofing Contractor, get in touch with Global Roofing today. Their teams of expert roofing contractors Worcester MA help you choose the right roofing material to avoid any problems in any season. Global Roofing INC is one of the best roofing contractors nearby

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